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Cash For Clothing

With current uncertain economic times, some people in our society have to deal with hard times. Even well to do families are looking at options to trim down their expenses. Unfortunate as it may sound, it has actually led some people to create innovative alternatives. Cash for clothing is one such initiative that has sprung up from the confines of human brain due to the economic downturn.

What is Cash for Clothing?

After the 2008 downturn, the U.K. government launched a Used Vehicle Scrappage scheme for car owners. It was nothing but a timely approach to transform the ailing U.K. auto industry and at the same time get people new set of wheels. This included trading your old car at unbelievable prices for a brand new one. The interest rates were less and the deals were pretty alluring. People quickly jumped on to the bandwagon and benefitted.

Cash for clothing takes a similar approach but focuses on clothes instead of cars. People can post their collection of used or unwanted clothes over the internet and make quick money. Believe it or not, some people do have a pretty good collection of desirable clothes. Cash for clothes is similar to Gold Trading or Mobile Phone Trading where you trade in unwanted or old items for instant cash.

Are Unwanted Clothes Worth it?

Yes, of course. There are certain pockets of our society that cannot afford high fashion brands. Yet there are also people who have them in excess. Just like gold or silver, clothes are also a commodity, albeit a cheaper one. Cash for clothing aims to join these two groups at a certain level so that the exchange serves purpose for both parties. We at ‘cash for clothing’ aim to facilitate this transaction through our online portal. The easy to use interface lets you quickly sell or buy clothes/accessories and also interact with fellow users.

Cash for Clothing – How it’s Done

Suppose you want to dispose of clothes that you no longer use. If in good condition, you can request one of our Free Clothing Sacks and post your clothes via our specialist courier service directly to us. Once your clothes are received they will be graded and valued. You will then receive notification of our valuation, once accepted we will forward payment to you for the goods.

This incredible idea is an open source project that aims to penetrate all circles of our society, especially the lower strata. Cash for clothing can have significant impact on household expenses of certain pockets of our society. Charities and organizations can use this platform on a large scale to exchange clothing and collect donations directly from their donors. Cash for clothing has created an alternative to money for those who wish to take part in a noble initiative.

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