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World’s best places to visit

With a world full of exciting destinations, it can present a challenge to choose the best traveling places.

Here is the list of best traveling places that you must visit before dying.



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With its unforgettable atmosphere the City of Light attracts millions of visitors every year.Divine cuisine and vast art collections of course also deserve some credit.

2)South Island, New Zealand


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At every turn, the South Island of New Zealand brims with spectacular scenery, from stunning mountains to fjords to glaciers.You can visit Fiordland National Park here, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or take a look at the Mount John Observatory’s starry skies.You can also indulge your inner daring in Queenstown, explore two of the world’s most accessible glaciers on the west coast or sample delicious delights.


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The capital of Italy, Rome is also known for a history dating back to the Octavian, Julius Caesar and Hadrian eras, among others.Left behind are buildings such as the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and hundreds of churches, including architectural jewels.


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Miles of shoreline, hundreds of resorts, French cuisine to die for – Tahiti has all the features of a paradise for honeymoons.Yet beach bums still cross the beaches of Tahiti in search of the ivory coasts of Bora Bora. In addition, Tahiti – the largest of 118 islands in French Polynesia – is often referred to as two separate islands despite being joined by a tiny bridge over the shore.


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Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the list goes on and on. There’s nothing quite like getting on a red double-decker bus and seeing from its top deck some of the world’s most familiar sights.


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Pure white beaches, waterwaters and calcareous cliffs await travelers visiting the southwestern island of Phuket in Thailand. In addition to its tropical appeal, Phuket invites travelers who want to experience its flavourful cuisine (think: lemongrass, lime leaves, chilies) and its rich culture, heavily influenced by its dominant religion: Buddhism.

7)Barcelona city

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This city by the sea seems to attract all kinds of people: the adventurer, the couple, the partyer, the culture lover – and more – with an almost overwhelming variety of things to do.

8)New York City

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Cool, cosmopolitan, crowded, ever-evolving … The Big Apple blends the splendor of the big city with the charm of the small town. Amidst the iconic landmarks of Gotham and towering skyscrapers, you will encounter a vibrant culture that permeates each of the distinctive communities and boroughs of the town.


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Dubai is city of superlatives, home to the world’s tallest tower, one of the world’s largest shopping malls, and one of the largest man-made marinas in the world … but on smaller scale, this emirate is still tied to its day as modest port city.


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The Maldives island nation is popular with honeymooners looking for seclusion and explorers looking to explore the depths of the sea on an excursion to scuba diving and snorkeling.Travelers seeking relaxation will relax at one of the island spas and surely all tourists will spend a day exploring Male’s Maldivian capital.

So these are some best traveling places which you should visit once in your life.Hope this article has helped you in some way. Follow us for more traveling,clothing and food related articles !!!!!!!


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