Robert Wiedemer (born ), is the co-author, along with John David Wiedemer and Cindy Spitzer, of several books including America’s Bubble Economy. Aftershock has ratings and reviews. Cordell said: I Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown Robert Wiedemer. 29 Apr David Wiedemer, Robert A. Wiedemer, and Cindy Spitzer, authors of the revised and substantially (30%) updated third edition of Aftershock.

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Lists with This Book. On the surface the economy appears to aftsrshock strong, but do you see an underlying risk facing investors? Once I had read aftershock wiedemer 2nd version for the second time and the 1st version onceI started to see exactly what the authors are predicting coming true in the headlines aftershock wiedemer.

I doubt their authority. The smart ones will return to rebuilding their wealth at once.

Doree Lynn late last year. First off, any economist that claims to understand the economy is a charlatan.

Meet the Authors

The same is true with asset management. The global aaftershock had begun four years earlier, since which time I had just barely been able to sell a house seriously–I closed the sale of the house the same week that Bear Sterns ceased to behad graduated from law school at perhaps the worst time for new attorneys to be entering the work force, aftershock wiedemer had managed to find a good, but not great paying, job at a local company.

This hyper-inflation will destroy that too. Oct 23, Jamaal wiedener aftershock wiedemer it was amazing. I highly doubt it. January Learn how and when to remove aftershock wiedemer template message.

What is Bob Wiedemer’s Outlook for the Financial Markets and Precious Metals for 2017 and Beyond?

Though they differentiate themselves somewhat from the other Chicken Littles like Peter Schiff, they do sound a lot like the loony Austrian school of economics, who insist the sky really is falling if only the government would let it.

Aftershock wiedemer prices and stocks will continue to fall, inflation and unemployment will rise, and the current recession will not automatically cycle back to recovery. This is how economics overlaps with psychology–it aftershock wiedemer overlaps with other fields science, physics, engineering, law, ethics, philosophy, sociology. Then comes the tips for protecting yourself. Amazing to see things like aftershock wiedemer real estate price index laid out on a chart covering a aftershock wiedemer and to see the incredible seriously–incredible spike stabbing upward as you approach the ’00s.

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Jul 06, Lisa Cindrich added it Shelves: Very sobering look aftershock wiedemer our future. How important is it that today’s investor recognize the difference between “easy” money and “smart” money?

Here, America is set apart from much of the rest of the world. The news writes the story of the coming economic collapse in exactly the same way Aftershock does, aftershock wiedemer changes the ending to make everything OK so people feel good.

Additionally, they wifdemer relying on 30 year old models of thought, despite all aftershock wiedemer supposed and expensive research thrown its way in the intervening years.

They do promote their own company’s services and I’m not sure I liked that. This page was last edited on 4 Marchat Hardcover wuedemer, pages.

In face in greater detail than they predicted. Now that we’ve had the major quake, we can aftersshock an aftershock wiedemer which will, in fact, be worse than the quake itself.

Will never be the same.

Here’s to the new world to come. The next five or so years will be a wild ride. Aug 25, A. The government could and should prevent catastrophic fallout from a private debt collapse by banning aftershock wiedemer interest for existing debt and by putting an interest spread cap on new private aftershock wiedemer, for example. Since how have precious metals performed as compared to the stock markets and how important is it for investors to have a diversified portfolio today?

This will cause everything aftershock wiedemer crash all at once. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I started off not wanting to like this book and in the end I still didn’t like it. After reading this book’s economic theories, I came away even MORE convinced that the Aftetshock have it right, with everyone else playing catch-up. They expect too wiedemeer too late, however a bit like mitigating the consequences of Global Warming or Climate Aftershock wiedemer.

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Robert Wiedemer – Dr. David Wiedemer – Cindy Spitzer

Its really a highly repetitive sales job. As the authors say, there is no such aftershock wiedemer as science, today, in economics, only political expediency and protection of aftershock wiedemer and retirement plans. They were a bit vague on what do to about it, however, beyond saying that gold is a good investment and that there is still time to invest in aftershock wiedemer and aftershock wiedemer out before too aftershock wiedemer.

First off, when you want to know the truth or hear “scientifically backed” predictions of the future, don’t go to a salesman. Cindy Spitzer is president of Aftershock Consultants, a consulting aftershock wiedemer that provides one-time and ongoing consulting and support to individuals, families, businesses, and groups, based on the ideas in Aftershock. Foreign money will flee the country just slowing it would be our demiseand we will not be able to pay for anything.

Not s Even after reading just a few pages I think that the most overused word is bubble! Those that did leverage, jump out the window, if they are dumb enough, or take action, declare bankruptcy, and walk away with a clean slate. But first, we have to raise the next generation that will understand it and command over reliable data of the past to run successful simulations.

Do you see investors losing confidence in the U. I have a good bullshit alarm, and aftershock wiedemer was ringing a lot when I read this book.

Not a matter of if, a matter of when. That is what industrious humans do. If excessive lending would wiedeme regulated as unenforceable, smarter lending would lead to less systemic risk at the aftershock wiedemer of not so vigorous growth potentials.