FREE ENERGY GENERATION Circuits & Schematics. By John Bedini and T. E. Bearden. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form. Expanded New Edition! The proven Bedini free energy circuit, complete with color photos, Tom Bearden technical explanations plus now includes Bedini- Cole. 16 Dec ’20 Bedini-Bearden Years Free Energy Generation. Special thanks to all the groups. who kept the faith. Bedini green flash ( bytes).

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20 Bedini-Bearden Years Free Energy Generation

As we stated, bearden free energy generation the conventional electrical device and circuitry, more destructive work is always done inside the source than is done usefully in the external load. We will address grneration explain some of these effects in a future paper. However, we wish to specifically distinguish between massive displacement current and massless displacement current.

We now wish to point out something very subtle but very rigorous. The information I have found here has been the best and most reliable that I have found anywhere. Cole, and Harold E. A wonderful book indeed!

So generatioj material electric fluid could and did bearden free energy generation through the fluid vacuum also, giving the notion of the material electric flux density for D. Constitution which mandates the progress of science by disclosure of discoveries genfration a limited term. You can charge the capacitor without entropy and essentially without drawing electron mass current.

We have utilized a hookup and switching arrangement so that bearden free energy generation collection is totally separated from collected energy discharge in the load. Click here for explanation. Indeed, all forces in all our systems are produced by the interaction and bearden free energy generation of virtual particles of the vacuum.

Since CEM also has no adequate definition for either electric charge or the scalar potential, the problem is confounded.

The long arc of evolving technological, generatoin, and geopolitical factors that have determined exploitation of oil and gas since the midth century has now clearly entered the hydrocarbon resource pyramid’s base — the end bearden free energy generation is on. It simply extracts excess EM energy from an ubiquitous source, through a dipole as a receiver, and collects that excess energy, conducts it to the load, and separately dissipates it in the load to power the load, without using any of the collected energy to perform work inside the source to dissipate the source-antenna.


Bearden free energy generation dream and vision is good. To see that all classical EM can be replaced by interference of two such scalar potentials i.

Permissible Electrical Overunity Is Not Perpetual Motion An open system out of equilibrium need not conform to 1 the local closed system, equilibrium conditions conservation of energy nor to 2 the second law of thermodynamics which assumes equilibrium conditions. No Legitimate Overunity Bearden free energy generation Is Intentionally Made Self-Destructive Not a single one of these open overunity systems foolishly uses part of its freely extracted and collected energy to re-close the system and shut off its influx of free energy flow!

In other words, we simply have to implement circuitry that operates analogous to the standard heat pump cycle. All Electrical Power Sources Are Already Free Energy Receiving Antennas All conventional electrical power systems already contain fully functional free energy systems in their source component.

I got a 1 to 1 charge by using a 12volt 17aH battery to charge a 12v aH battery! Included are circuit diagrams, oscilloscope traces, the works! Americans living near coal-fired power plants are exposed to higher radiation doses than those living near nuclear power plants that meet government regulations.

In fact, hardly a single one of them is aware that EM energy itself is a free-flowing process. Why present electrical power systems have underunity operational efficiency. You can find information about Tony Craddock’s and Bearden’s links to big oil bearden free energy generation at:. Bearden free energy generation must and does conform to the global conservation of energy, just as does a waterwheel or windmill.

I certainly hope so.

That vector zero can thus be considered to be a gradient-free potential, or the vacuum potential, since it contains enormously dense, trapped EM energy. Network Analyzer was completely self-powered bearden free energy generation negative resistors imagination at work. I’ve been unable to find any good proof that anything MEG-like makes any energy.

The electrical charge potential of a charged free is a small potential gradient in the ST potential, i. If you take the time to read both books, its obvious the first book covers the same concepts BUT generatiin new one actually gives you the working circuits!


I’ve seen some amazing results with my projects, but nothing like what I’m seeing now that I’ve built the solidstate version bearden free energy generation is in this book!

The Bearden free energy generation Pump Analogy In one way of viewing it, all we have done is utilize the potential as a more modern type of quantum mechanical fluid having hidden bidirectional flowing EM energy.

The Tom Bearden Website

National Science Foundation letter to Tom Bearden. Contrary to classical EM theory, the force fields are effects in, on, and of the charged particles themselves.

Free Energy Generation page. Only a finite collector possesses a finite collection of EM energy.

Tom Bearden – Final Secret of Free Energy

I have been able to not only restore junked batteries to useable and better condition, but also can even recharge non-recharageable batteries with the circuits shown beadren this book.

Sterling was very kind [above] to diplomatically say that no one has replicated the claims. Massless Displacement Current Is Freely Available From Any Source The principle embodied in the invention is that one can extract all the free EM energy one wishes, from any electrical power source, as long as it is extracted via massless displacement current and not by electron mass flow bearden free energy generation.

In an alternative embodiment of an electromagnetic generator, the magnetic core includes bearden free energy generation spaced-apart plates, with posts and permanent magnets generatiln in an alternating fashion between the plates. To correct the horribly flawed EE problem, the escalating world bearden free energy generation problem, physicists in several disciplines —not just EEs and environmental scientists—must be directly involved.

Type circuit utilized for ramp-up charging of a capacitor without work, and separate discharge of the collected energy in the load without substantial depletion of the primary source.

Hence the source is enabled to operate with an overunity operational efficiency.