14 Mar We selected five promises from Barisan Nasional’s manifesto that would be very relevant to the average Malaysian, including reduction of. 2 Sep Here is the full text for Barisan Nasional’s GE13 Manifesto. . Although, since BN made the promise in , a lot of things have happened. MANIFESTO BARISAN NASIONAL download Manifesto BN – Bahasa Malaysia Manifesto BN – Bahasa Cina Manifesto BN – Bahasa.

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The BN Government manifesto barisan nasional 2013 always subscribed to a welfare system that caters to all sections of the community regardless of creed or colour. I seek to lead a Government that puts the interests and the welfare of the people first. The LRT system has seen expansion in various parts, including the introduction of the Putra Heights line in June Automotive Business International Politics Race.

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We will continue the work of the Inter-Religious Harmony Committee to promote not just tolerance, but acceptance of our multi-religious culture. Not throughout la. We must also improve efforts manifesto barisan nasional 2013 eradicate sexual harassment and provide women with a manifesto barisan nasional 2013 secure sense of being. Malaysia is recognised as a country that celebrates its diversity in unity, with the Government acting as enabler of religious practices.

We are aware that assistance and contributions from NGOs and other Malaysians are essential and necessary for these efforts to be more impactful. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In June, Najib dropped this clue: But yes, important choices! The Government seems to be on its toes when it comes to beefing up military might.


The Vision policy to achieve developed status by the year was launched inand now 22 years later, I am happy to say that with the careful and conscientious policies of the BN Government, we are on track to achieving that.

The BN Government has established the LRT, Monorail and Commuter systems and expanded public bus services to cater to a growing need for public transport. Naional further ado, here are Allow me to continue manifesto barisan nasional 2013 you to the best of my ability. But manifesto barisan nasional 2013 are those who, for the sake of power, would rather sow seeds of conflict and hate….



The report is a widespread analysis of the economic competencies of nations around the globe that leverages on highly detailed metrics such as internet availability, focus on math and science education, and primary school enrollment.

Comment by Syani — December 24, 7: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. BN epicly failed to keep this promise. Images from Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider. The main point we manifesto barisan nasional 2013 highlight is that it could remove preferential and protectionist policies towards any particular businessesmaking it free and fair for all. BUT until today, no sign of the report card!

Write it with indelible ink if we have to! Running through the list, it seems that manifesto barisan nasional 2013 of manifesto barisan nasional 2013 promises listed here have managed to hit their intended goals. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Apart from new homes, units that are in need of upgrade and repair are also being addressed with the setting up of a RM million fund while a further RM million has been set aside to rehabilitate the homes of fishermen throughout the country.

Manifesto barisan nasional 2013 must reach out to the many who may have been disaffected and left manifesto barisan nasional 2013 by political games, deceit and showmanship…. Our founders have always expounded the values of commitment and sacrifice and these same values will guide me as I commit to fulfilling this task and honouring this responsibility. While much has been done over the years to strengthen the agencies fighting and prosecuting cases of corruption, we are committed to doing much more to combat the scourge and improve rankings on corruption.

This is not only an economic imperative, but also a manifesto barisan nasional 2013 imperative for a responsible Government. Our success as a Muslim nation is recognized by our status as the leading initiator and practitioner of Islamic banking and insurance systems.


RSS feed for comments on this post. The expansion of LRT and Commuter lines will eventually see a combined total of 34km of new tracks and 13 new stations to serve the Kelana Jaya and Ampang areas. Our policies expand to both rural and urban pockets of the disadvantaged. Aiyo, why so potong stim one? Every year since then, the amount paid out has seen a gradual increase.

The forgotten manifesto ….. GE BARISAN NASIONAL MANIFESTO | Hornbill Unleashed

Thus far, we have: Comment by tigerykey — December 22, Track record — We have delivered 55 years of undeniable success — We are a party with a record of solid achievement and fulfilled promises; — Through this period, the BN-led government has brought progress to all segments of Malaysian society; — We will continue to build on this track record — Now is not the time for risks.

As we head into this 13th General Election, I, as the leader of BN, humbly seek your mandate to carry on this task of lifting Malaysia manifesto barisan nasional 2013 new heights.

Actually, what DO they do? BN has not said they would abolish the Bumi quota in businesses to date, and manifesto barisan nasional 2013 fact, Mara Digital aka Low Yat 2 seems more like a regression than a progression of our economy. This did not happen by chance but through careful and manifesto barisan nasional 2013 planning initiated by the BN Government and supported by the people.

But before people had a chance to celebrate life as Sedition Act-free citizens, Najib brought.

Politicians and analysts are guessing that PM Najib might call mqnifesto elections in Type and hit enter to search Search. The BN Government has already begun, and will enhance, efforts to bring about major structural changes to reflect prevailing population patterns.