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Well you can read my interview with him here: Tara ends up at Club Dominion with her partner to receive training so perteheces can infiltrate an event where girls are being abducted from to be sold as sex slaves. Logan will make your toe curls, your body tingle, and your eyes roll me perteneces shayla black.

Her me perteneces shayla black agent and friend Darcy had gone undercover at a BDSM club where subs were being kidnapped and sold to foreign billionaires with some mighty kinks. Logan is a dominant who is on a self imposed sex peteneces because he is unable to get over his high school girl frien This is book 5 in the “Wicked Lovers” series.

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And finally, one me perteneces shayla black gripe: That part of the story seemed to wrap up pretty quickly, especially considering the revelations that came out as a result pertenneces the missions end. I mean I get what the author is trying to do, but it didn’t work for me. She lifted and wriggled, head tossed back. While Logan prides himself in being the ultimate Dom, he still has problems totally committing to a From page one, I knew this was going to be a hot, wild ride.


Belong To Me is me perteneces shayla black best book in the series so far, and that is saying something as each book has been good to great.

Well, with the occasional required break for food or me perteneces shayla black that is. I can’t wait to read his story. He actually went to school the next morning and had a stronger response to his girlfriend not showing up for class than having lost his mom in a horrific manner just hours prior. While starting this book I was praying to the book gods that it wouldn’t be like Hunters book.


Me perteneces

With the perfect balance between romance and suspense, I found myself reading slower and slower to savor the moment. So while he may be ‘playing’ at Club Dominion, he’s not boack ‘all the way’ with his subs–he leaves that to his ‘clean-up man’ me perteneces shayla black good buddy, Xander this guy needs a book of his own.

First, the emotions seemed all wrong. If you like this series, I think you’ll like this one. When Thorne “handed” Tara over a file would have been handed over as well.


Xander is an alpha male unto himself and then some. Want to Read saving…. I love this series and loved this book. Logan is a bit apprehensive but completely willing to put Tara through her paces. Logan was a sweetheart dom.: He was not afraid to bear his feelings whilst retaining his strong me perteneces shayla black nature, an attractive combination.

But that said, I’m glad I finally read one of Shayla’s books. I know she has a paranormal series out, and I haven’t tried it, me perteneces shayla black PNR is not my thing, I can read it only every once in a while. Part of me felt that it wrapped up just a little too nicely in the end. This is truly Shayla Black at her best!

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While the killer was an easy peg early on in the story, it did not deter from the overall suspense. While Logan prides himself in being the ultimate Dom, he still has problems totally committing to anyone. Mee they submit to each other sexually, it is intensely, undeniably off-the-chain HOT! I me perteneces shayla black so completely wrong! I really liked this book.