2 days ago HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional testing tool. Learn everything about QTP/UFT including descriptive programming. start using HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) Every manual step has commands in test scripts; If it is not worth, DO NOT Environment needs for QTP 7 Jun 25+ best QTP Tutorials – HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) training series for Tutorial #1 – Introduction to QuickTest Professional (QTP); Tutorial #2 – Working with QTP .. I am using windows 7 and IE 10 version qtp

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Ankita on February tutirial, at Could you help me to identify an image of win object. Please help me in providing some pdf materials or docs so that I can learn QTP with certification exam qtp 9.2 tutorial.

QTP Tutorials 25+ HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) Training Tutorials — Software Testing Help

Thanks for sharing such a great ideas! Book multiple tickets Pick data from Local data table 3.

Jatinder on June 8, at However my script is executed successfully without any errors but error messages is not getting written into datasheet. Right now I am moving to QTP. I need to learn QTP and give this certification exam asap because I can get a job if I have this certification. The application we have to automate contains code which is generating a table in html form. Can anyone tutoriall out where the problem could be?


I was working with the Actions, all of sudden qtp 9.2 tutorial i came to know that all my actions in one of the script are missing showing the qtp 9.2 tutorial as missing actions. This is very helpful information for beginners as am a manual tester and qtp 9.2 tutorial to learn QTP your step by step explanation is very appreciated. Thursday, July 17, QTP 9. Thanks in advance for your help.

QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP

Ankur Jain on February 24, at When I spy object, I can not find it. Could anyone here help me please. Anonymous on April 4, at Where can i get step by step learning qtp 9.2 tutorial for QTP 9.

Say yes and you are at the right place, at the right time. Probably can rope-in more people from the QTP forums [www.

Give it a try and let me know if you have a problem. Thanks for your Excellent initialization to start QTP from the basics. Am I at the right page of HP? With Help manual of UFT i tried to navigate and understand if things. Hi ankur, I have just started to work on QTP. This is a shame. I was about qtp 9.2 tutorial start learning QTP by selfstudy qtp 9.2 tutorial you came up with the same!

If you are into QA even for a while, chances are remote that you may have not heard of this three letter acronym.

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Swati, Appriciate you for your initiation. Recent Posts Tutorial HI All, Can anyone help qtp 9.2 tutorial find the place to post questions on QTP…i do want some answers but dont know qtp 9.2 tutorial to post the questions…as i am new to this site Thanks in Advance.

Can any one give me proper exapmle? Ofcourse you need to have the tutorual to go through it. Keyword view is a tabular form that shows details like the name of the objects, its value, and the operation performed etc. Would appreciate to response asap.

QTP Tutorial: QTP – Functionality Tool

Our expert author Swati S. Archana on November 30, at The Add Defect dialog box opens.

Hello sirmy question qtp 9.2 tutorial tutorila if we have 5 button with same property then how can I find the 3 button with the help od DP.

The following is the keyword view. The question i have is if we upgrade to QC Rabby on September 28, at When you say the steps are not getting recorded, I hope qtp 9.2 tutorial are talking about a webapp.