6 Love Life Tips

How’s your love life?

Are you in the relationship you choose to be in, experiencing life’s ups and downs within a warm bubble of togetherness?

Are you happily single, enjoying the freedom, spontaneity and anticipation single life offers?

Or is love a rather sore point for you at the moment?

If you fall into the last category, my heart goes out to you, and I promise you that in time your pain will heal. Actually, let me rephrase that: If your pain is being caused by a painful relationship, and YOU CHANGE THE CIRCUMSTANCES, your pain will heal. If however, you choose to remain in a toxic relationship, expect more pain. If you have chosen to walk away from a toxic relationship because you know you deserve better – congratulations! Even though it may hurt now, you will heal and one day be ready for the healthy relationship you know you deserve.

Kind of like having an infection cut out – the operation hurts, but you know you’ll be happier and healthier in the long run. And like any medical procedure, it takes courage to acknowledge there is a problem and seek treatment. Often relationships can be fixed with counseling, and I definitely recommend you try this before going under the knife (so to speak). There is so much value in a long-term committed relationship, that has ridden the bumps – if it can be saved – save it. If it can’t be saved, and you’ve tried everything – cut it out and move on.

Fix it or flick it! Life is too short for bad relationships. You deserve a happy life!


1. Do not even ATTEMPT to have a relationship with someone else unless your relationship with yourself is tip top. You will just make two people unhappy. Work on yourself first if your self esteem could do with a boost.

2. Refuse to enter into a relationship with anyone showing signs of low self esteem, narcissism or other personality disorders. The chances of you ‘fixing’ them are slim to none, and you will experience a lot of pain trying. There are doctors for that type of thing, and you deserve a happy life! Love yourself enough to accept only the best.

3. If you’re single, don’t try to attract someone. Just be the best person you can be (which you’re doing anyway, right?) and you’ll have them eating out of your hand. If you love who you are you don’t have to try.

4. If you’re in a relationship that needs work admit it to yourself, talk about it with your partner, then fix it or flick it (be patient – fixing can take time – but it will be worth it). Don’t stay in bad relationship because you don’t want to be alone. That’s just silly!

5. If you’re in a great relationship (yay! good for you!) keep it that way by appreciating what you love about your partner. Every day write down something you’re grateful for about your partner. Better still, put it in a heartfelt letter and watch your relationship reach new heights! (remember – what you focus on you get more of).

6. If you’re entrenched in a bad relationship, sometimes it’s very difficult to remember that you deserve so much more – but you DO! Keep this thought firmly in the forefront of your mind as you go about extricating yourself from your unhappy state and emerging into the light. You deserve to be happy!

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