Real Life Tips for Cosmic Ordering: Are You Energy Saving?

How is energy and energy saving related to cosmic ordering? How does your energy level affects the consistency of your cosmic ordering results?

For cosmic ordering to be successful, high vibrational energy is required to use as the primary, one and only tool and ingredient to feed into sending and receiving your cosmic orders.

If you believe that everything is energy, then cosmic ordering is the exchange of one form of energy for another form of energy. It’s using the invisible energetic forms of thoughts, words, deeds and emotions to exchange for the visible energetic forms of cash, house, car, healthy body, delicious food and so on in the real physical world.

And if you also believe that you manifest every moment of your life, do you think it’s really important that you learn, practice and become automatically more aware of the things happening to you and around you day in and day out?

With all these in mind, then you could examine what are the ways that you could increase your daily energy level so that you could be more successful in your cosmic ordering. First and foremost, the easiest thing to do with increasing your energy level is by saving your energy, and use it only wisely. Below are some tips on things I practice in my daily life that I would like to share with you so that you could use them in your life and get results for your cosmic orders.

In this article, let’s just focus on — Don’t be a busybody. Instead, be a keen observer, a researcher of life. What do I mean by don’t be a busybody? That is to:

    1. Abstain from gossiping about other people, from idle chatting about useless things like: which celebrity’s being ‘accused’ as the father of whose baby, or which celebrity is planning to divorce who…and adding your own comments and judgements to them as to who’s right and who’s wrong… Such things are useless as in they’ll not make any difference in your life if you’re not a journalist or reporter, that is, they’ll not increase your wealth, health or any great things that you want to manifest in your life. They’re useless because they don’t concern your livelihood, they don’t add dollars and cents to your cash or add a couple more zeros in your bank account. You want to conserve all the time and energy spent on gossiping and idle chats for focusing on manifesting your desired life and send and receive your cosmic orders successfully.

  1. Abstain from imposing on others your own judgements of events and people. Let others have their own observations, wisdom and free will to decide what is best for them. For example, you don’t have to tell your colleague or friend that who and who or so and so from that team, from that table, or from that school has ‘some problems in the character or behavior, and people don’t like him or her. You better watch out!’. Is this out of concern or just planting your own judgements or ‘news’ you heard from somewhere else from some other people, onto your colleague or friend ‘trying’ to ‘maneuver’ or condition the mind by your ‘visions’ or kindness. Especially in the personal growth field, respect other people’s inner wisdom and their ability to find out for themselves what works for them.

Be a keen observer and researcher of life, your own life. By keen observer, I mean observe closely what thoughts come to your mind. Instead of talking just because the words come to your mind and you put it out there from your mouth automatically without even thinking about the words, slow down by carefully scanning the words that you’re about to say.

Are the words useful? Are the words kind? And, are the words necessary at this point? Are you talking just for the sake of talking, or the need to seek social and communal approval, or simply making fun of someone? What’s your intention of talking? Can you be mindful about talking, the contents and the words used? If you don’t talk and agree with others, are you considered a weirdo? Is ‘image’ that important versus the authentic self and life that your spirit desires?

You might think that it’s a pain and a chore to do all these mind observing work. But if you couldn’t and are unwilling to be conscious about your thoughts, how could you consciously send your cosmic orders with laser sharp focus and intention? It’s just plain weak wishful thinking and daydreaming!

After you start to observe your thoughts, your words and the talking with others and yourself, you’ll find that there’ll come a point when you consciously choose the kind of people you like to talk to more, people who’re more uplifting, supportive and empowering to you. And you’ll start to change your circle of friends, clients and so on for the better ones who’re more in line with who you really want to be. And you live in a more joyful and truthful way.

In this way, you’re saving more and more energy and putting out there more and more good thoughts, good words, good speech and good deeds. You then start to create a strong and significant personal energy field that is uniquely yours instead of merging into the crowd or mass energy field of others who’re so identical to each other. And your unique energy field catches the attention of the Universe, other beings and attract better and greater things into your unique vibrational energy field.

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