What are the essential values for a happy marriage?

Marriages are declining and the major cause of their failure is the lack of compatibility and understanding between the partners. The marriage rate is clearly falling down and there are many couples who are trying to postpone their marriage dates until later in life. The main reason behind this is that several couples are scared of breaking up further or maybe don’t wish to take any chances for a divorce.

Today, people are so damn busy in building their life, their careers and trying to find opportunities for themselves so that they can secure their life in all the ways possible. Even though several marriages are failing, there is still hope left as many people still wish to get married as soon as possible.

Having a partner with you throughout your life is one of the biggest reliefs. You will feel happy and relieved seeing that there is someone who is always there with you whatever the circumstances maybe and will support you through your happiness and sadness. It is a great feeling indeed.

Trying to save your marriage can seem to be difficult as the ones involved in a relationship have to go through a lot of mental pressure in order to make things happen. There are couples who wish to stay together always but are scared of getting married. They don’t wish to create problems in their happy life and are never ready to disappoint or hurt each other.

Connection is one of the most important value for any marriage. If the husband and wife don’t feel the connection between them anymore, there is no further scope for that marriage to survive any longer. We as human beings share meaningful connections with family, friends and other people. Having a great connection between a husband and wife means sharing, caring, a listening ear, thinking for your partner’s good and validation. This connection is not just limited to a marriage, but can be shared with your family members, friends and parents. A strong connection is the foundation for every successful marriage.

Respecting your partner, no matter what is the most necessary value that every husband and wife must understand and implement in their married life. If you share a deep understanding level with your partner, respect comes out automatically and it happens in the form of thoughts, opinions, values and reactions. True love is everything about acceptance and the feeling that you are going to be there for your husband or wife no matter what. Apparently today, the partners lose their respect when their marriage is troubles which can happen due to one’s mistakes, individual choices that they have made or some other issues. Respect for each other must continue to stay between the husband and wife even if your marriage is over.

Trust and intimacy control the duration of a marriage. Trust is something that needs to be there between the partners if they want their relationship to survive till the end. When one partner discovers that their significant other is having an extra-marital affair, this leads to the loss of trust and connection between the two. Things can never be the same if you cheat on your husband or wife.

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